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Software Finance: Extensive Experience

We specialize in financing critical use software applications, maintenance and services for data management, back-up and security, including SaaS.  A variety of documentation including subscription payment agreements, installment payment agreements and other forms of loans or leases provide flexibility to support customer requirements.  We tailor agreements to meet your CAPEX or OPEX budget requirements and may bundle maintenance, services, consulting and project costs into the financing.


Download an overview of our Software Financing Capabilities.


Our Subscription Payment Agreement ("SPA") and Master Installment Payment Agreement ("MIPA") are ideal for software and services transactions and may include a hardware.  The  documentation and ordering process flow between the software manufacturer (or reseller), the customer and Cencor is a simple and straight-forward process and can be viewed here


General Deal Parameters


  • Domestic company, public or private

  • $20+ million revenue

  • $100 thousand to $15 million cost

  • 1 to 3 year transaction term

  • Annual or quarterly payments

  • 100% advance rates


Subscription Payment Agreements • Installment Payment Agreement • Capital Lease • EFA

Industry Focus

Financial Services • Insurance • Healthcare • Technology • Manufacturing • Retail • Education • Public Sector

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