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Venture Finance: Accelerate and Enable Innovation

Cencor provides cost effective, value added financing solutions to a broad range of start-up and "Emerging Growth" companies.  We provide equipment lease lines and senior / subordinated term loan facilities from $500 thousand to $25 million.  Our clients range from pre-revenue stage companies, led by entrepreneurs with cutting edge technology, to late-stage proven businesses seeking more efficient growth capital.  


We take the time to complete extensive due diligence and understand your business and financing needs.  We utilize creative and flexible structures to provide financing solutions tailored to the stage and needs of our clients - along side of existing, in-place facilities or capital. 


Advantages of Cencor Venture Leases and Loans


  • Minimized dilution

  • Limited or no restrictive financial covenants

  • Attractive all-in cost of capital

  • Vendor agnostic

  • 100% financing including soft costs


FMV Lease • Capital Lease • Sale Leaseback • Senior or Subordinated Term Loan 

Industry Focus

Open to virtually all industries and sectors.

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