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Vendor Advisory Services: Drive your Business

We offer advisory services to equipment and software vendors.  We specialize in creative and flexible customer financing programs, taking a consultative approach as to how the vendors want to sell and how end-user customers want to structure repayment plans.    

We help vendors close transactions and drive business volume by integrating a non-recourse financing program into their sales model.  Cencor has developed successful vendor programs with large, publicly held companies due to our quick response time and our extensive financing products portfolio. 


From 0% installment payment plans, capital leases to traditional financing, we provide vendors with a one-stop shop for its customers looking for flexible financing solutions.  Cencor can accommodate your vendor financing needs, including mid-ticket transactions through large enterprise or service provider accounts.   


Subscription Payment Agreements


Installment Payment Agreements

Equipment Leases - Capital or Operating


Financing Agreements

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